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Hass Petroleum has played a pioneering role in shaping and advancing the energy sector landscape within Somaliland. Over the course of the past eight years, the company has spearheaded the operationalization, transformation, and establishment of standardized practices, ensuring a continuous, cost-efficient, and high-quality supply of fuel. Throughout this journey, Hass Petroleum has cultivated strong partnerships with various key clients in Somaliland, underscoring its impact across diverse sectors. Some of these esteemed clients encompass prominent entities such as Dpworld, Telesom Company, Sompower, Shafa Al Nahda, COCCI, Family mart, Kanal, Shabac, Ambassador, Ali Jirde, Grand Hadi, and MaansoorHote. These collaborations serve as testaments to Hass Petroleum's commitment to reliability, excellence, and its pivotal role in sustaining and fueling the operations of major organizations and enterprises within the region.

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Hass Petroleum Somaliland stands adorned with several prestigious accolades, recognizing its outstanding business performance and pioneering spirit in innovation. The company has been honored with esteemed awards such as the Somaliland Achievements Award, the distinguished Somaliland Chamber of Commerce Award, the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development’s annual recognition, and the esteemed Best Innovation Award in 2018.

These accolades stand as a testament to Hass Petroleum’s relentless pursuit of excellence, its significant contributions to the industry, and its commitment to innovation and sustainable business practices within Somaliland.

Hass Petroleum Somaliland

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Presently, Hass Petroleum Somaliland has established an extensive network comprising 22 retail stations strategically positioned across key locations within the region. Additionally, the company operates 11 Liquefied Petroleum Gas shops, providing accessible and essential services to meet the energy needs of its diverse clientele. Moreover, Hass Petroleum Somaliland boasts seven expansive lubricant shops and showrooms, serving as dedicated hubs for showcasing and retailing a comprehensive range of high-quality lubricant products. This multifaceted network underlines the company's commitment to providing accessible and varied energy solutions, catering to the diverse requirements of its customers throughout Somaliland.
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