Atroil Platinum API CJ4 SAE 10W40

$ 10.00

Platinum 10W40 is a synthetic lubricant blended from highly refined base stocks and specially selected additives to meet special characteristics and performance levels, like excellent thermal and oxidation stability, protection against rust, corrosion and wear. They have very high viscosity index to provide ease in cold starting and ensure adequate oil film thickness at extreme temperature to eliminate seasonal oil changes, reduce oil consumption, and keep the engine clean


PERFORMANCE LEVEL:  Meet the performance level of API CJ-4, CI-4/SM, MIL-L-2104 B and . VW 500.00, 501.01, 505.00, ACEA E4/E7, A3-98, B3-98, BMW Special Oil MB 229.1



  • Exceptional control of oil consumption.
  • Long oil drain intervals and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Efficient resistance to oxidation, low temperature sludge and high temperature deposits.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through extended engine life.
  • Reinforced thermal stability.
  • Excellent antifriction and engine cleaning properties.
  • Highly effective  control over wear ,  rust and corrosion



 Platinum 10W40 complies with API CJ-4 international standard and is recommended for use in mixed fleet engines operating over wide range of temperatures throughout the year. EURO 5 and previous


It is a lubricant for all types of diesel engines, turbo-charged or naturally aspirated and other applications.

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