Hass Lubes
Through relentless effort, cutting-edge technologies, and ongoing research and development, our range of high-quality lubricants guarantees a reduced cost and consistent performance. In addition, our partnership with Oman Oil Marketing allows us to distribute their O.E.M. certified range within our network in Africa which paves the way for Hass Petroleum group to cement its stake in this lucrative market by providing high mileage, thermal resistant technology lubricants recommended by major equipment manufacturers of modern personal and commercial vehicles now common in our market.


  1. Automotive Oils 
  2. Industrial Oils 
  3. Greases 
  4. Specialty or equipment specific varieties 
Hass Gas
We deliver clean, safe, and reliable energy to homes and businesses across the region through our retail network, distributors, and trade partnerships branded ‘Hass Gas’. Hass Gas is well known for distinguished safety features including a tamper-proof regulator and locking system for steel cylinders. We have also introduced a nonexplosive, lite translucent composite cylinder across our network. Hass Gas is available in 6kg, 13kg, and 50kg packs as well as in bulk. To ensure seamless distribution we have installed refilling plants in our key markets as well as commissioned industry partnerships that will ensure on-demand delivery.
  1. Kenya – Filling plant on Nanyuki Road, Nairobi with a capacity of 65MT and an additional 20MT being added, started operations in 2020. Eldoret’s refilling plan is currently under construction and will have a capacity of 43T. 
  2. Somalia has a filling plant in Mogadishu with a capacity of 65T, it started operations in 2016.  
  3. Somaliland- Hargeisa 30T & Garowe 20T  
  4. Uganda- 85T 
  5. South Sudan filling plan-20T  
In early 1997, Hass Petroleum’s first petrol station was launched in Kisumu, Kenya, and today, the company operates a network of over 110 retail stations serving over 6,000 thousand customers daily across the 9 operating countries. These service stations are operated by our teams and partners who provide services and products as guided by our customer-centric service charter. Our modern service stations have attracted diverse, non-fuel support businesses whose services complement our holistic convenience approach to service delivery at all our sites.

Our stations are operated under our customer-centric Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that are in sync with our mission and core values that govern our corporate identity. Our Customer Service Charter provides a step-by-step approach aimed at providing consistent and measurable customer service across our retail network.

Hass Aviation
In 2014, HASS Petroleum successfully ventured into the international aviation business to fulfill a quest to diversify the commercial business portfolio. Today, we are featured in Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia with serious plans to expand to other countries in the region as aircraft refueling operations are already in progress at Juba, Mogadishu, Hargeisa, Nairobi, and Mombasa international airports. Our entry into this sector brought modern technology, global standards, international perspective, and a high level of operational safety airports that were in dire need of that.

Hass Petroleum Kenyan operations are ISO certified,
have achieved global reach with our association with JIG – Joint Inspection Group, UK, have been approved by the International Quality Inspection Audit by IATA Airlines, and have acquired the necessary Refueling Risk Liability Insurance of global magnitude. We also participate in the OTS – Open Tender System – in Kenya to provide fully transparent pricing in Kenya and other transit countries.

In addition, Hass has built a terminal at the shoreline of Mogadishu which is an important link in providing a stable and secure supply chain to Somalia.

Hass Petroleum also owns two Jet A-1 storage tanks with a total capacity of 7,000 million litres at the shore terminal for receiving products directly from ships and has also installed three tanks with a 500,000 liters capacity each at the airport depot with a total capacity of 1.5 million litres for into-plane deliveries.

We also have four specialized vehicles known as Aircraft Refuelers to refuel aircraft of various types at Mogadishu International Airport.

In addition, our operations in Juba have complied with international standards for South Sudan to take the country’s jet fuel operations to new levels.

In Kenya, we refuel some of the most prestigious International airlines along with local/regional airlines. These airlines demand international quality and operational standards and Hass is proud to meet and exceed these requirements.

We have a team of dedicated and highly trained staff for the in-plane jet fuel operations who come with experience of working with multinational oil companies.

Hass Petroleum is hopeful in future investment plans to expand reach in both Mogadishu and South Sudan.

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