Hass Petroleum operates petroleum storage facilities in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Zambia, and South Sudan.The facilities have a combined storage capacity of 83,000M3. Hass Petroleum’s storage facilities are mapped out to provide strategic and competitive handling & storage services across all preferred regional berths and ensure that we deliver products as and when required by our customers. Furthermore, our storage facilities are available to customers and partner oil marketing companies for lease.
Automated Fuel Management System
As a major component of sustainable energy management for both our large and small scale customers, Hass Petroleum offers a centralized automated fuel management system that is anchored on a private tank farm installation including modern Fuel Cards (including loyalties) and Point of Sale (POS), pump automation and automatic tank gauging.

LPG Piped Gas Systems for Residential Flats & Commercial Properties
In addition to our Liquified Petroleum Gas cylinder option, Hass Petroleum now offers a centralized piped gas system (or ‘gas on tap’) to residential flats and commercial properties such as malls.This is a modern approach to cooking gas delivery that uses a network of pipelines connected to the main gas cylinder storage system that mostly sits in a bulk storage area under the residential building or basement.
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In a bid to create retail stations that cater to today’s needs as well as the future’s, Hass Petroleum Group’s forecourt now features an electric vehicle charging point. Customers can enjoy our full range of convenience stores while waiting for their vehicles to charge.
Petroleum Products Transportation
Hass Petroleum Group incorporated Fleet Logistics in 2007 to support our own as well as our partners’ petroleum products transportation across East and Central Africa. Fleet Logistics, which has gained numerous awards, is a member of the Kenya Transport Association. The fleet of trucks and products are all adequately insured given the sizable investment.
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