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Founded in 2003 with a specific focus on meeting the escalating energy demands emerging from various sectors within Rwanda, Hass Rwanda swiftly positioned itself as a dedicated provider. The country’s agricultural, electricity generation, transport, and infrastructure sectors were key focal points for our services. Anchored by a centralized head office nestled within the heart of Kigali City, Hass Rwanda has consistently upheld its position as a frontrunner in supplying essential fuels and lubricants across this dynamically expanding nation.

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Hass Rwanda stands as a pivotal anchor within the Hass Group’s operations in Central Africa, extending its reach beyond Rwanda to serve neighbouring markets such as Burundi and specific areas within the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kivu regions). Our clientele spans diverse sectors, encompassing pivotal entities like the local power plant, independent resellers, construction firms, manufacturing units, agricultural enterprises, and the transport sector. Notably, Hass Rwanda has emerged as a reliable and successful partner in fulfilling the extensive fuel contract for Rwanda Energy Group (REG), a critical commitment tied to the national power plant. This achievement underscores our capacity and commitment to servicing large-scale, essential contracts within the country. We take immense pride in our active participation in the Girinka Initiative, a recognition of our contribution to the livelihood enhancement of the Rwandan populace. This initiative acknowledges and honours the role played by the private sector in uplifting the lives of the people of Rwanda, an honour we greatly cherish as a testament to our commitment to social responsibility and community development.

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