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Fleet Logistics

In 2007, Hass Group incorporated Fleet Logistics, a robust fleet comprising 200+ trucks dedicated to facilitating the transportation of both our own and our partners’ petroleum products throughout East and Central Africa. Recognized with numerous awards, Fleet Logistics proudly holds membership in the Kenya Transport Association. The entire fleet, along with the transported products, is comprehensively insured, reflecting our commitment to safeguarding this substantial investment.

Fuel Storage Facilities

Hass operates petroleum storage facilities in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Zambia, and South Sudan. The facilities have a throughput capacity of 1 Billion M3 per year. Hass’ storage facilities are mapped out to provide strategic and competitive handling & storage services across all preferred regional berths and ensure that we deliver products as and when required by our customers. Furthermore, our storage facilities are available to customers and partner oil marketing companies for lease.

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Automated Fuel Management System

Hass takes pride in its commitment to sustainable energy management, offering an advanced and centralized automated fuel management system tailored to meet the needs of both our expansive enterprise clients and smaller-scale customers. This sophisticated system is built upon a private tank farm installation, integrating state-of-the-art features such as modern Fuel Cards equipped with loyalty programs, Point of Sale (POS) technology, automated pump functionalities, and automatic tank gauging. This comprehensive approach ensures efficient and precise fuel management while aligning with our dedication to sustainable energy practices for all our valued customers, regardless of scale.

Gas On Tap

Expanding our range of services beyond the traditional Liquified Petroleum Gas cylinder choice, Hass proudly introduces a novel solution: the centralized piped gas system, also referred to as ‘gas on tap,’ designed specifically for residential flats and commercial properties, including malls. This innovative method revolutionizes cooking gas delivery by utilizing an intricate network of pipelines that seamlessly connect to the primary gas cylinder storage system. Typically, this main storage facility is strategically situated within a bulk storage area located underneath the residential building or in its basement. This contemporary and convenient gas delivery system ensures a reliable and efficient supply of cooking gas to meet the diverse needs of our residential and commercial clients.
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