Hass UAE

Hass Petroleum affiliate in United Arab Emirates stands as a pivotal hub in the global energy trade, playing a critical role in financing, trading, and ensuring consistent supply across key ports in East and horn of Africa. The affiliate’s strategic engagement with traders, combined with its geographical advantage, positions it as an indispensable player in the energy market, particularly for an oil marketing company with its eyes set on the African continent.


Market Overview

The Dubai affiliate plays a central role in managing the supply chain, focusing on key ports that are vital for the company’s operations. Through strategic partnerships and meticulous planning, Hass Petroleum ensures a consistent and reliable supply of energy resources to key ports in Kenya, Berbera, Mogadishu, Tanzania, and Mozambique.

Key Achievements

Hass Petroleum’s Dubai affiliate has emerged as a key financial and trading center, facilitating seamless transactions, and ensuring the smooth flow of energy resources. Beyond its regional influence, the Dubai affiliate serves as a crucial meeting point for global trade, enhancing the company’s visibility on the international stage.

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Contact Info

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