At HASS, we are committed to the highest standards of quality, health, safety, and environment as we constantly strive to exceed our client's and partners’ expectations.

Founded in 1997, Hass Petroleum has become a leading regional oil marketing company in Africa. 

The company has heavily invested in the sourcing, transportation, storage, distribution, and marketing of diesel fuel, automotive gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and lubricants for industrial and automotive systems.

This, complemented by our use of cutting-edge technology, positions us as an indigenous oil market leader in Africa. 

To fulfill customers’ petroleum needs in the most credible, efficient and profitable manner.
To become the region’s premier provider of high-quality petroleum products through innovation, integrity, and reliable service delivery.
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Integrity & Honesty 
  • Teamwork 
  • Initiative and Drive 



We take pride in constantly gaining market share through unique competitiveness in service, pricing, logistics, quality control, financial strength, effective supply planning, and region-wide distribution. 

At HASS, we believe that the foundation of our business is our people and so our customer-centric culture is deeply rooted through constant investment in our people who in turn create a consistent, healthy, and delightful customer experience for our clientele.  

These efforts are reinforced with our compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification Scheme, 14001 Environmental Management System Certification Scheme, and 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification Scheme.



In 1997, two brothers, the late Abdirizak Ali Hassan and Abdinasir Ali Hassan, the current chairman, created a company called HASS.

Today, a Board of Directors oversees all investments and operations in the company.

 Mohamud Salat, HASS’s Group Chief Executive Officer works closely with Solomon Osundwa, Group Chief Operations Officer, and Abdusalam Salim, Group Chief Financial Officer to form the leadership team, the engine that keeps HASS running. 

Right to left:Mr Abdusalam Salim Chief Finance Officer, Mr Mohamud Salat Chief Executive Officer and Mr Solomon Osundwa Chief Operating Officer.

When a business like HASS wants to partner up with another company, the agreement is simple: a shared commitment to delivering value. That is exactly what we found in our current partner, OQ Trading Limited, a company owned by the Sultanate of Oman. Together, we sustain growth and provide a stronger foundation for both our businesses. This partnership links Hass Petroleum’s strong downstream opportunities to OQ Trading Limited's petroleum trading and upstream capabilities and hence, provides strong synergies geared towards optimal growth.

History (1997 - 2021)


AA HASSAN & COMPANY was founded and registered in Kisumu, Kenya in 1997 by the late Abdirizak Ali Hassan and current chairman, Abdinasir Ali Hassan, initially as an export reseller eyeing the coincidentally liberalized market in Tanzania.


 AA HASSAN headquarters was set up in Kisumu, western Kenya, strategically near the Kenya Pipeline Depot that services neighboring Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo, and South Sudan. A strategic partnership with the then Caltex provided both required resale products as well as additional trucking business for northern Tanzania. Later, El Nino rains cut off product distribution in Tanzania.


 Musoma depot in Tanzania was built and a well-managed petroleum product transportation system over Lake Victoria using a barge was created. MV Uhuru docks at the depot offloading products that would be distributed across Tanzania. 


Through a growing clientele, AA HASSAN enters the Uganda, DRC, and South Sudan markets.


 AA HASSAN rebrands to Al Hassan Company in preparation for oil and shipping registration bids in Kenya.

 Al Hassan’s maiden state-of-the-art retail station opens in Kibuye Kisumu, inaugurated by Hon. Raila Odinga, Minister of Energy, Kenya (2001-2002). Kisumu continues to be the company’s operations center. 



 AL HASSAN rebrands to Hass Petroleum Group and is registered in Kenya as an oil marketing company all while still targeting expansion in Uganda & Tanzania. Hass Petroleum Group is recognized as an oil marketer and attains access to the product via the Kenya Pipeline Company. 


 Hass Petroleum headquarters moved to Lonrho House, Nairobi, and shortly after, to Barclays Plaza, Nairobi. Mwanza & Kampala offices continue to grow. Hass Petroleum Group introduces lubricants under a partnership with Adnoc Lubricants. 

In addition, Hass Petroleum enters Rwanda. 


 The first station in Uganda, Hass Nalukolongo, opens.

 The current home of Hass Petroleum Group, Hass Plaza, is acquired and made regional headquarters, as the business nerve center transfers to the new site.

 Hass Petroleum sets up its first retail station in South Sudan.

 Musoma depot is sold and plans begin to set up Hass Petroleum Tanzania. Issa Sheikh becomes Hass Petroleum Chief Executive Officer. 


 Construction on Hass Petroleum Depot in Tanzania begins, securing a new southern region logistics hub.
Hass Petroleum Group registers in Zambia to scout possible businesses while laying a foundation for the envisioned retail expansion.

 Hass Petroleum Group registers in Zambia to scout possible businesses while laying a foundation for the envisioned retail expansion.


 Fleet Logistics was incorporated in Kenya as a transport solutions provider for Hass Petroleum Group.

 Hass Foundation is launched to support programs that directly improve the wellbeing of communities through health, education, and special projects. 


 Hass Petroleum enters Lubumbashi and installs an inland terminal to serve both existing and prospective consumers in DR Congo.

 Acquisition of 8 Pearl Oil stations in Uganda, a major retail development for Hass Uganda.

 Today Hass Uganda operates 38 stations and is still growing. 


 Launch of Hass Petroleum’s range of branded lubricants, Hass Lubes. 


 Commissioning of a 30M3 terminal in Tanzania to serve the Southern 


 Hass Petroleum Group management visits Somalia in a bid to initiate business registration in the lucrative market. 


Hass Petroleum Group enters the Somaliland market supported by an operational, global standardized Berbera Oil Terminal.

Fleet Logistics Tanzania opens in Tanzania to serve the Southern corridor, complementing the dedicated storage. 


 Committed to providing affordable, clean, and safe energy, Hass Gas is launched in Kenya.

Hass Petroleum enters Somalia to support the government in establishing a lucrative, standardized oil marketing industry.

MV Medina, the first Hass Petroleum Group chartered vessel, docks in Mogadishu, pumping product into an estimated 300 trucks, at the time there were no 

storage facilities in Mogadishu.

Hass Petroleum initiates the construction of 10 container stations in Mogadishu. Somali Fuel Company, the largest depot in Mogadishu, is constructed in partnership with various private petroleum partners. 


Construction of an inland depot in Uganda begins, to support much-needed inland storage as well as ensure timely, and on-demand delivery to consumers and to supply a growing retail-owned network. 


Hass Petroleum ventures into the international aviation business, introducing jet fuel.

Completion of the Hass Petroleum inland depot at Kyengera, Kampala, Uganda.

Hass South Sudan commissioned an LPG plant in Juba, SS. 



Construction of an aviation fuel depot in Mogadishu, Somalia, strategically located near the Mogadishu International Airport.

Hass Petroleum Limited gets the Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008, Environmental 

Management Systems ISO 14001:2004 and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems OHSAS 18001:2007. Hass Uganda commissioned an LPG plant in Kampala, Uganda. 


Hass Petroleum bags are the first government bulk order in Zambia, laying the foundation for the business’s future in the country.
Oman Trading International acquires a 40% stake in Hass Petroleum and Hass sprints into a multi-national status.

Oman Trading International acquires a 40% stake in Hass Petroleum and Hass sprints into a multi-national status. 


Launch of Oman Oil lubricants in Kenya, Uganda & DR Congo, allowing a much-required lubricants segment expansion in line with motoring technology growth.

Launch of Hass Safelite, an eco-friendly, highly safe, and hassle-free LPG composite cylinder.

Hass LPG plant opens in Hargeisa, Somaliland. 


Hass LPG plants launch in Nairobi & Kisumu.

Garden Corner, the first Hass Petroleum retail station in Lusaka, Zambia, opens.

Hass Petroleum acquires 4 Suban Petroleum stations in Zambia.

Expansion of LPG filling plant capacity. 

At HASS, we are firm believers in sharing our success with others.

Our founding mission has been to create a company that is compassionate and empathetic about the welfare of the communities within which we do business.


Over the years, Hass Petroleum has supported numerous community-based activities through the Hass Petroleum Charitable Trust . Under HPCT we allocate a proportion of our revenue to promote community-based initiatives, particularly in the fields of Education, Health, Water and Sports.Our commitment to give back to our society keeps getting stronger

By building a good business model and by staying true to our foundation and our core values, we have been able to attract the best out there. Today, 1800 members make up HASS, all solely focused on the success and growth of the company. As a company, we are committed to continuously enhancing the skill base of our workforce. The company continues to deploy resources towards staff training and skill upgrades across all departments and levels.
The success of our business is hinged on the competence, skills, and motivation of our people. As a company, we are committed to continuously enhancing the skill base of our People.
Career Application
Welcome to Hass Petroleum - where we believe that our strength lies in the diversity of our people; which in turn drives us to provide leadership, resources, and necessary training programs to create an environment in which our staff continuously grow, not only as professionals but also as individuals, positively impacting their families, the communities they live in and the greater humanity.

Hass Petroleum is currently home to over 800 employees in 7 countries across East Africa and the Great Lakes region and we continue to deliver our promise to our existing staff as well as potential ones.

Integrity, teamwork, innovation, and passion for success are the engines that our employees run on.

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