The Hass Group

Servicing New Frontiers

Our Vision

Our Vision

To fulfill customers’ petroleum needs in the most credible, efficient and profitable manner.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To become the region’s premier provider of high-quality petroleum products through innovation, integrity, and reliable service delivery.

Core Values

Core Values

Customer satisfaction
Integrity & Honesty
Initiative and Drive

The Hass Group

Our Leadership

Mohamud Salat

Chief Executive Officer

Solomon Osundwa

Chief Operating Officer

Abdusalam Salim

Chief Financial Officer

Our History

AA HASSAN & COMPANY was founded and registered in Kisumu, Kenya in 1997 by the late Abdirizak Ali Hassan and current chairman, Abdinasir Ali Hassan, initially as an export reseller eyeing the coincidentally liberalized market in Tanzania. The belief that an indigenous company could deliver products and services to regions and countries so easily ignored by other multinational marketers birthed the Hass Petroleum Group.

Our Products

Hass offers a comprehensive range of products and services tailored to meet diverse needs. Hass Lubes, backed by innovation and advanced technology, deliver cost-effective and consistent performance, with O.E.M. certified lubricants distributed across Africa through our strategic partnership with Oman Oil Marketing. Hass Gas ensures clean, secure, and dependable energy solutions, featuring cutting-edge safety features and catering to various needs with packaging options ranging from 6kg to 50kg. Hass Aviation, entering the international aviation sector in 2014, operates aircraft refuelling operations at major international airports, prioritizing technology, global standards, and operational safety. Meanwhile, Hass Fuel oversees a network of over 150 retail stations across nine countries, providing top-tier fuel services alongside a range of non-fuel support businesses, epitomising our commitment to customer-focused excellence.

Our Services

Our Services encompass a wide array of offerings tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With petroleum storage facilities strategically located across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Zambia, and South Sudan, boasting a throughput capacity of 1 Billion M3 per year, we ensure strategic and competitive handling and storage services. Additionally, our advanced Automated Fuel Management System streamlines fuel management for enterprises of all sizes, integrating modern features such as Fuel Cards, point-of-sale technology, and automated pump functionalities. We also introduce ‘Gas On Tap,’ a revolutionary piped gas system for residential and commercial properties, along with electric vehicle charging stations at our retail stations. Complementing these services is our robust Fleet Logistics division, comprising over 200 trucks dedicated to transporting petroleum products throughout East and Central Africa, ensuring reliable and efficient logistics solutions.

Our Partners

When a business like Hass wants to partner up with another company, the agreement is simple: a shared commitment to delivering value. That is exactly what we found in our current partner, OQ Trading Limited, a company owned by the Sultanate of Oman. Together, we sustain growth and provide a stronger foundation for both our businesses. This partnership links Hass’ strong downstream opportunities to OQ Trading Limited’s petroleum trading and upstream capabilities and hence, provides strong synergies geared towards optimal growth.
The Hass Group


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