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Hass Fuel

Since inaugurating its first petrol station in Kisumu, Kenya, in 1997, Hass has expanded to oversee a network of over 150 retail stations across nine countries, serving more than 6,000 customers daily. Operated by dedicated teams and strategic partners, our service stations not only provide top-tier fuel services but also host a variety of non-fuel support businesses, embodying our commitment to a well-rounded and customer-focused environment.


Hass Gas

Under ‘Hass Gas,’ our commitment to delivering clean, secure, and dependable energy is realized through an extensive network, distributors, and strategic trade partnerships. Renowned for its cutting-edge safety features, including tamper-proof regulators and non-explosive composite cylinders, Hass Gas ensures unparalleled safety standards and efficiency for consumers, catering to diverse needs in packs ranging from 6kg, 13kg and 50kg.

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Hass Aviation

In 2014, Hass strategically entered the international aviation sector, expanding its presence across Kenya, South Sudan, and Somalia. Active aircraft refuelling operations at major international airports, coupled with ownership of Jet A-1 storage tanks and a dedicated airport depot, underscore our commitment to modernizing technology, upholding global standards, and ensuring operational safety in the aviation industry, with plans for further regional expansion.

Hass Lubricants

Efforts in innovation, advanced technologies, and continuous research and development ensure our high-quality lubricants deliver cost savings and consistent performance. Our strategic partnership with Oman Oil Marketing, distributing O.E.M. certified lubricants in Africa, solidifies Hass Group's position in the market - offering thermal-resistant technology recommended by leading vehicle manufacturers.
ISO Certified - Hass Group

“Our Kenyan operations are ISO certified, have achieved global reach with our association with JIG – Joint Inspection Group, UK, have been approved by the International Quality Inspection Audit by IATA Airlines”


Hass AutoGas

Autogas is the term given to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) when used for internal combustion in engines for vehicles and other stationary applications like in generators. 

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority is the Government body mandated to license Autogas operations as well as construction permits for the fueling facilities. 

Same as in the developed world, there’s increased awareness on the need to explore and adopt greener alternatives to traditional fuels.

Yes it is. In some countries in Europe, vehicles powered by LPG represents upto 5% of the total car population with a compound annual growth rate of more that 3.5% in the world.

Autogas has all the same properties as the LPG used for heating and cooking by domestic and business customers.

 LPG is known to be highly flammable? Autogas is as safe and simple as filling up with gasoline or diesel. 
Around the world, vehicles of all types, from cars, school buses to police cars, run safely on Autogas.

Yes you can convert your car that is currently running petrol or diesel to use Autogas.

That is a matter of preference, the engine can inter-changeably use either petrol/diesel or Autogas.

 The driver can switch back to the normal fuel – petrol or diesel at any given time.

 is there dedicated stations? Yes, there are dedicated stations as per EPRA regulation that do retail Autogas. Hass being one of them.

Our first Auto Gas Station is located in Rongai Town, along Magadi Road.
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