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Hass Petroleum Kenya houses the Hass Group corporate headquarters in the lower Upper Hill area of Nairobi. It also acts as the hub of our ‘Northern corridor covering Uganda, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Mombasa port, by its geographical positioning, provides the entry points for the importation of products from Kenya and neighbouring countries. The retail business remains central to our operations in Kenya especially built around product quality and diversification delivered through distinguished customer service. Our head office in Nairobi is the ‘heart’ of the company’s operations and management, overseeing our commercial marketing, bulk selling, and 38 fully-fledged retail stations & shops in Kenya.

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Hass Kenya has boldly invested in expanding Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) filling capabilities, and strategically siting facilities in Nairobi and Eldoret. This strategic investment aims to establish Hass as a key player, ensuring uninterrupted and dependable product supply across Kenya. Our robust infrastructure boasts ample storage capacity, empowering us to efficiently meet customer demands at the point of consumption with confidence.
Furthermore, Hass Kenya’s status as a Superbrand in East Africa underscores our unwavering dedication to excellence and top-tier service. Recent pioneering projects, including AutoGas and Electric Vehicle Charging stations, initially launched at Hass Kasarani and Hass Rongai, highlight our commitment to innovation. Embracing LPG/AutoGas heralds a significant shift toward sustainable mobility, with our initiatives not only offering motorists new options but also actively contributing to environmental goals by substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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