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Established in 2008, Hass DRC has its headquarters stationed in Lubumbashi, serving as the epicentre of our operations. At this location, we’ve established a robust 2.5 million litres depot, a critical storage facility that forms the cornerstone of our logistical capabilities. Bolstered by our strategic Dar es Salaam terminal, this depot serves as the backbone enabling us to meet our commitments to major corporate entities and supporting our extensive retail network.

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Within the landscape of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the hallmark of the Hass brand rests upon the reliability and consistency of our supply chain. This reliability is underpinned by our central oil terminal in Dar es Salaam, which ensures seamless product delivery to the Katanga region. This area heavily relies on the extraction of copper and cobalt, and our steadfast supply chain plays a pivotal role in supporting its operations.
To adeptly address the requirements of our customers within precise timelines and with utmost efficiency, we have assembled a fleet of 35 fuel tankers. Each of these tankers is equipped with cutting-edge M-series flow meters, ensuring meticulous and accurate measurements of products directly on customers’ sites.
Central to our ethos is an unwavering commitment to delivering service that is not only reliable but also competent, empathetic, and highly responsive. This dedication has formed the bedrock of our operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, reinforcing our standing as a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and sets industry benchmarks for excellence.

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