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In July 2012, Hass Somalia was founded and has since established a network of nine retail stations, strategically located predominantly in Central and South Somalia. The company’s refined petroleum products are sourced through imports from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These products are then offloaded at the Somali Fuel Company depot, serving as a central distribution point. From there, Hass Somalia efficiently supplies and distributes these products to consumers and its retail stations, ensuring a responsive approach that meets demand effectively.

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Hass Somalia garnered esteemed recognition at the Somalia Annual Business Awards (SABA) in 2019, clinching prestigious accolades. The company was honored with the coveted title of “Business of the Year” and further acclaimed as the “Best Company to Work For.” These accolades underscored Hass Somalia’s commitment to excellence, both as a thriving business entity and as an organization dedicated to fostering a positive and rewarding work environment. Moreover, the Government of Somalia acknowledged Hass Somalia as a pivotal player in the development and evolution of oil marketing within the region. This recognition signifies the company’s significant contributions and impactful role in shaping the landscape of the oil industry, highlighting its dedication to advancing the sector’s growth and sustainability in Somalia.

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