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Hass Petroleum, a leading player in the energy industry, has strategically positioned itself in Malawi, signalling its commitment to exploring opportunities in the country’s burgeoning energy market. While Hass does not currently have a fully-fledged business setup in Malawi, it has actively engaged in the Malawian Government’s industry procurement operation through its Hass Tanzania Terminal.

Our Achievements

The wholesale first approach demonstrates Hass’ foresight and adaptability in navigating the complexities of the African energy landscape. By participating in the government wholesale supply, the company has established a pivotal presence, laying the groundwork for potential retail investments in the future. The decision to leverage the Hass Tanzania Terminal for supplying energy resources to Malawi underscores the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to the Malawian market. This innovative model not only addresses the immediate energy needs of the country but also allows Hass to assess the local market dynamics and consumer preferences.

Key Achievements

Hass is recognized as a key Government Petroleum product supplier through our key terminal in Tanzania. Presently, we are actively fulfilling a 40,000 MT contract with the National Oil Company of Malawi.


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