Annual Muslim Run 2023

The 3rd edition of the Annual Muslim Run (AMR) set for 10th September 2023 starting at the Uganda Museum-Kampala has been launched by Bugiri Member of Parliament Asuman Basalira.

Up to 7,000 participants are expected to compete in the event that started in 2019 with the aim of uniting the Muslim community, providing health benefits and supporting noble causes in Uganda.

Proceeds from the run will go into the construction of a babies’ home to be named Shukuran Muslim Babies’ Home in Luwero under the patronage of a corporate Muslim association which unites over 80,000 Muslims.

“There is an ever increasing surge in the vile act of abandoning babies shortly after birth by young women between the ages of 18-24 years and younger. This coupled with the rise in health disparities among new borne babies in Uganda is one of the reasons why funds need to be raised to address the livelihoods of these children,” AMR run organisers said in a statement.

Uganda has approximately 2.7 million orphans of which 1.2 million were orphaned as a result of increased mortality among parents with HIV/AIDS among other natural causes. The country has about 142 registered foster homes, with Sanyu Babies’ Home being the oldest , having started in 1929.

An AMR run statement said that, “Despite great attempts to aid the children find a place to call their own; these foster homes have not fully handled this phenomenon with the increasing number of babies being abandoned throughout the country. The most challenging thing being that none of the existing homes is owned by the Muslim Community.”

Kit can be purchased at sh25,000 from selling points at Gadaffi Mosque, Kibuli Mosque, Wandegeya Mosque, Nakasero Market mosque and Cairo bank. Sponsors and partners of the run include KFC, Cairo Bank, Aquafina, One Ummah, Nation Media group, Thurayiyah Islamic media, Pearl FM & Hass Petroleum.

Hass Petroleum was proud to be part of the #AnnualMuslimRun 2023! 🏁 We joined the community for a day of fitness, fun, and unity. It’s not just about the race, but the values it represents – bringing people together for a common goal. 🤝 We believe in fostering a sense of togetherness, and events like these remind us of the power of unity. Thank you to all the participants and organizers for making it a memorable day!